Tapered Random Crystal Collar – Made with SWAROVSKI®ELEMENTS

From the time of the ancient Egyptians, hound owners have bestowed their prize dogs with beautiful collars and tassels as a mark of respect – a tradition still alive today. Treat your hound to the very best – they deserve it!

Tapered collars are specially designed  for sighthounds and other hunting dogs with a high prey drive,  shaped to protect the throat.

Exclusively made with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS.

Add a matching lead for the  finishing touch.

Our products are handmade in England from superior quality bridle leather and lined with soft Italian clothing leather for extra comfort and a luxurious finish. Collars and leads feature solid brass or nickle-free, silver finished brass fittings for your pet’s safety.

Every purchase comes with a full written guarantee setting a benchmark for our high quality. We also offer a lifetime repair service in the unlikely event it should ever be needed.

See below for size information




The crystals used in this collar are individually set into their own bezels, similar to how a gem is set in a ring, with the setting secured right through the depth of the hide, making it virtually impossible for the crystal to be lost. An ideal choice for dogs who need a hard-wearing collar.

*Our premium quality bridle lether is tannery tested to 1000lb (500lg) pressure per square foot, stong enough for even the largest hound. however, we strongly recommend that you prevent your dog from lunging on our collars and leads.

Choose a collar size that will fit your dog near the middle of the fitting.

If your dog’s measurement is close to the tightest or loosest fitting, then please select the collar size that is best and add the customized option, entering the size required using the How to Measure instructions below.

Collar Size  Fits in Inches Fits in Centimetres Width in Inches  Width in Centimetres
Toy  8″ – 10″ 20 – 25 cm 1½”  tapering to ½” 38mm tapering to 12mm
XXS 9½” – 11½” 21 – 29 cm 1½”  tapering to ⅝” 38mm tapering to 15mm
XS 10½” – 13½” 26.5 – 34 cm 1¾” tapering to ⅝”  45mm tapering to 15mm
S 12½” – 15½” 32.5 – 40 cm 2″ tapering to ¾”  50mm tapering to 20mm
M 13½” – 16½” 34.5 – 42 cm 2″  tapering to ¾”  50mm tapering to 20mm
L 15½” – 18½” 39 – 47 cm 2″  tapering to ¾” 50mm tapering to 20mm
XL 17½” – 20½” 44 – 52 cm 2″  tapering to 1 50mm tapering to 25mm


Lead Description Width in Inches  Width in Centimetres Length in Inches Length in Centimetres
Medium width – Short length ⅝” 15mm 38″ 96.5cm
Medium width – Regular length ⅝” 15mm 44″ 112cm
Standard width – Short length ¾” 20mm 38″ 96.5cm
Standard width – Regular length ¾” 20mm 44″ 112cm


To ensure you order the correct collar size please use this easy to follow guide:

1) Using your dog’s own collar, place it around your dog’s neck and note which hole is the comfortable fit.

2) Take the collar off and lay it flat.

3) Use a taut tape measure or ruler: start your measurement at the top of the buckle and measure straight down to the hole you noted.

This measurement tells you the best size for your dog.If you would like the fit to be slightly looser or tighter, add or subtract a little accordingly.

Compare this measurement to the size chart and select the size that will provide a fitting near the middle.

If your dog’s measurement is on, or near, the tightest or loosest hole then select the collar size that will be closest to your dog’s measurement and add a customized option to get a perfect fit.

As an example, this diagram shows that the dog comfortably wears his collar on the second to the last hole. The measurement is taken from the top of the buckle to the worn hole.


If you choose a custom fit with 5 holes we will make the sizing so that your measurement fits the middle hole of 5.

N.B. Diamond Dogs (U.K.) Ltd. cannot be held responsible for any measurement you provide. Custom made collars are non-refundable. Please provide your dog’s correct collar measurement taken according to our instructions. The entire length of the collar or any other measurement is irrelevant. Although we will endeavour to make your custom collar to the exact size you provide, there may be some slight discrepancy in the finished article due to the inherent properties of natural leather.


Please take a moment to view our short ‘How To’ videos found in Useful Links at the bottom of the page, which provide all the necessary information to ensure you enjoy a very long life for your Diamond Dogs’ purchases.

*Despite the superior strength of our leather, Diamond Dogs (U.K.) Ltd. cannot accept liablity should a collar or lead snap due to a dog lunging.


UK orders which are in stock ship within 48 hours via Royal Mail Special Delivery. All others ship via FedEx on a signed for service. Out-of-stock items or custom orders take between 2 – 6 weeks to be made. Please be patient – our handmade items cannot be rushed.

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