Tapered Arabesque Collar – Made with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS

A stunning new design for all sighthounds and other dogs with long necks. Shown in our shimmering new Golden Saffron leather with crystal highlights of Turquoise, Fuchsia and Light Topaz this exquisite collar epitomizes elegance and subtle glamour.

Tapered collars are especially valuable for protecting your dog’s throat if they have a high prey drive or pull on lead.

Hand made in England from premium quality English bridle leather, lined with soft Italian clothing leather and features solid brass fittings.

Made to last the life of you dog and beyond, all our products are covered by a lifetime guarantee and repair service in the unlikely event it is ever needed.

See below for size information




Choose a collar size that will fit your dog near the middle of the fitting.


To ensure you order the correct collar size please use this easy to follow guide:

1) Using your dog’s own collar, place it around your dog’s neck and note which hole is the comfortable fit.

2) Take the collar off and lay it flat.

3) Use a taut tape measure or ruler: start your measurement at the top of the buckle and measure straight down to the hole you noted.

This measurement tells you the best size for your dog. If you would like the fit to be slightly looser or tighter, add or subtract a little accordingly.

Compare this measurement to the size chart below and select the size that will provide a fitting near the middle.

If your dog’s measurement is on, or near, the tightest or loosest hole then select the collar size that will be closest to your dog’s measurement and add a customized option to get a perfect fit.

As an example, this diagram shows that the dog comfortably wears his collar on the second to the last hole. The measurement is taken from the top of the buckle to the worn hole.

Collar Size Fits in Inches Fits in Centimetres Width in Inches Width in Centimetres
XXS 9½” – 11½” 24 – 29 cm 1½” tapering to ⅝” 38mm tapering to 15mm
XS 10½” – 13½” 26.5 – 34 cm 1½” tapering to ⅝” 38mm tapering to 15mm
S 12½” – 15½” 32.5 – 40 cm 2″ tapering to ¾” 50mm tapering to 20mm
M 13½” – 16½” 34.5 – 42 cm 2″ tapering to ¾” 50mm tapering to 20mm
L 15½” – 18½” 39 – 47 cm 2″ tapering to ¾” 50mm tapering to 20mm
XL 17½” – 20½” 44 – 52 cm 2″ tapering to 1 50mm tapering to 25mm


Lead Description Width in Inches Width in Centimetres Length in Inches Length in Centimetres
Medium width – Short length ⅝” 15mm 38″ 96.5cm
Medium width – Regular length ⅝” 15mm 44″ 112cm
Standard width – Short length ¾” 20mm 38″ 96.5cm
Standard width – Regular length ¾” 20mm 44″ 112cm


Please take a moment to review our Care & Guarantee Booklet that comes with every purchase. Looking after your Diamond Dogs leather goods is quick and easy using shoe polish or Fiebings 4 Way Care conditioner, applied once or twice a year, which helps to ensure you enjoy a very long life for your Diamond Dogs’ purchases. Crystals that get scratched or abraded will lose their brilliance. Please always remove the collar if your dog engages in activities where there is a likelihood of the crystal getting damaged. Items featuring crystal that is not surrounded by its own bezel (4 Row, 6 Row & 8 Row Tiny Crystal Collars & Leads & 2 Row, 4 Row & 8 Row Large Crystal Collars & Leads) are more prone to damage caused by scratching, rubbing or abrasion. Always remove these items if your pet is engaged in unsuitable activities, such as scratching, rough play or digging.

Should you lose a crystal please contact us straight away with a photo of your damaged item to arrange a repair.  Even if you require our repair service many years after making your purchase, unless your item has been neglected, we undertake repairs free of charge excluding the postage charges. However, if you neglect to take appropriate care of your purchases we may not be able to undertake a repair at all, so please follow our care instructions. You don’t require your receipt as we know all our own products, however, we do not repair products made by other manufacturers.  In some instances we can send you loose crystals with simple DIY repair instructions, although other items need to be returned to us for repair.  If an item is left with a crystal missing the damage may affect the surrounding area so please have it taken care of before things deteriorate.


UK orders which are in stock ship within 48 hours via Royal Mail Special Delivery. International orders ship via FedEx on a signed for service. Out-of-stock items or custom orders take between 2 – 6 weeks to be made. Please be patient – our handmade items cannot be rushed. If you require your order for a special occasion please order well in advance of the required date.