We will never sacrifice the safety of your animal companion for the sake of fashion. Your animal’s health, welfare and safety is of paramount importance in all our designs. All the materials and methods of craftsmanship we utilize reflect our ethos about animal safety and protecting our environment.

Our leather is tanned using traditional vegetable tanning methods using plant material and not chemicals. We believe in manufacturing sustainable products made with minimal damage to the environment and make long-lasting products that can be repaired rather than replaced.

We use only the finest quality leather in the world from traceable hides sourced from UK farms.

We believe in maintaining skilled English craftsmanship acquired over many generations, using traditional hand-skilled leather techniques that are recognized the world over as a hallmark of quality.

We use high quality Swarovski®  crystal components. Swarovski are an ethical company and their commitment to the environment includes a program to teach youngsters to conserve water.

We love what we do and how we do it and hope you do too!