Product Care

Our English vegetable-tanned bridle leather, from which all of our products are made, is renown the world over for its premium quality, strength, durability and good looks, coupled with hard-wearing properties. In the highest quality products there is no substitute for real vegetable-tanned English bridle leather, tanned without the use of chemicals.

Our leather quickly becomes soft and supple with just a little use. To make your purchase feel softer from brand new, simply warm it in your hands and gently flex it in the direction it will be worn.

While our collars, leads and harnesses are designed to be durable, common sense dictates that decorative collars are not intended to be used in unsuitable situations. If you dog scratches at its collar, digs under fencing, plays roughly with other dogs or engages in unsuitable activities we encourage you to remove their collar to prevent damage to the leather or crystal. In this way, collars that are in constant use will keep their good looks and are able to perform with total reliability over many years of service. 

Some styles with crystal are more fragile than others and will not withstand biting, pulling or scratching, particularly from medium to large size dogs. Other styles are harder wearing but, nevertheless, need to be used appropriately. Scratching to the surface of the crystal will diminish its brilliance, cannot be repaired and is not covered by guarantee.

If a collar should lose a crystal please enquire about a repair as soon as possible. If more than one or two crystals has been lost it is best to stop using the product until a repair has been affected and the cause of the damage determined to prevent a recurrence. In some cases we can send you loose crystals and repair instructions which are quick and easy to follow. For other styles the item will have be returned to us for repair. We usually do not charge for a repair, except post & packaging, provided the item has not been neglected. 

If your dog goes swimming or the collar gets soaked by fresh water, remove it as soon as possible to prevent it from stretching and hang it up to air dry naturally away from any heat source. Once thoroughly dry, which may take 2 weeks or more, apply a quality leather conditioner following the product manufacturer’s guidelines, ensuring that it is applied to the upper leather only and especially around the buckle and the tongue ends. We recommend Fiebing’s 4 Way Care Conditioner, an easy to apply liquid, but many other products are available. If a liquid conditioner is absorbed quickly it will require another coat. Once absorbed, wipe away any residue using a clean cloth. Failure to observe these recommendations may lead to the leather deteriorating over time which may cause it to crack.

Always remove leather collars if your dog goes in sea water. Salt water is highly corrosive and will affect the integrity of the leather and hardware despite whatever aftercare you might apply.

With just a little care, our products will keep their good looks and maintain their durability and strength for a lifetime. Should you experience any problem with your Diamond Dogs’ purchases please contact us. 

How do I care for the bridle leather?

Leather is a natural, breathable, porous material. In order to keep it looking its best your leather articles may require an occasional clean to prevent the pores from becoming ingrained with dirt which may eventually cause it to dry out and crack. If the surface leather or lining leather is dirty use saddle soap to clean it following the  instructions on the tin. After cleaning, apply a conditioner to the upper surface of the leather only, as described below. Alternativley, use a neutral, or appropriately coloured, wax shoe polish taking care to polish off thoroughly. Light leather colours may require a more frequent clean.

If the leather does not require cleaning it may still require a conditioner to impart nourishment into the depth of the hide.  If the leather looks or feels dry then apply a non-oily conditioner. Do not use neatsfoot oil or any other oily product. Non-oily leather conditioners are available from good shoe & saddlery stores. We recommend Fibings 4-Way CARE which cleans, nourishes and protects all in one – a liquid leather conditioner that is easy to use and seeps into leather quickly. If the conditioner disappears within a few seconds then apply a second or third thin coat, otherwise a single application is sufficient. Do not over condition and never apply conditioner to the inside surface of your Diamond Dogs purchase. In general, condition once or twice a year applying a thin coat of conditioner to the upper surface of the leather only, following manufacturer’s guidelines. Over-conditioning should be avoided as this will clog the pores.

It is not necessary to put a lot of effort into keeping your leather goods in tip top condition. Just a few minutes of care now and again is sufficient. If items get muddy you can quickly rinse them in cool water. Try not to saturate the leather and allow to dry for several days away from any heat source or direct sunlight. Similarly, if a collar gets wet while your dog is wearing it, remove as soon as possible to prevent the leather from stretching, place it away from any heat source and allow to dry at normal room temperature. After drying apply a coat or two of conditioner before using again. 

Do not use near salt water. Do not store in plastic. Always allow the leather to breathe.

How do I restore colour to bridle leather?

Our black leather is tannery dyed in large vats to ensure a good depth of colour. The dye penetrates through all the leather fibres so a deep  colour is visible right through the depth of the hide. Should the surface becomes dull or scratched apply a black wax shoe polish or shoe cream, taking care to polish off any residue which will restore its good looks. 

Other colours are finished using a surface pigment. If the leather gets faded, discoloured, scratched or damaged it is possible to re-dye using a proprietary shoe dye, wax or creme following the manufacturer’s guidelines. Only use shoe dye if the colour is badly worn, otherwise shoe wax or creme will restore the colour. 


To maintain the beauty of the crystal prevent rough use, scratching or surface abrasion which can diminish brilliance and cause loss of crystal. If necessary, clean using a damp cloth. If surfaces are oily, use a mild dishwashing detergent avoiding contact with the leather. Do not roll crystallized leather items in a tight circle or bend backwards. 


If you have any questions or concerns about our products or your purchase please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you.